"I am a passionate community advocate. I'm proud to have served my hometown in many different capacities both professionally and through my volunteer work. My varied experiences have positioned me well to understand the interworkings of the city from community needs, education, health care, and economic development. I'm ready to bring a fresh voice and new vision to Council and to make a difference."

I have years of experience in community outreach and engagement.  I understand the importance of interacting with the public, being accessible, and ensuring the voices of all those we serve are heard. While the City has ensured the open meeting laws are met, Council and city staff have to accessible.  The City must continue to grow it's online presence, inviting meaningful communication through the numerous social media outlets, meeting with citizens virtually and in-person through town halls and community meetings.  We must encourage open dialogue between all facets of our community from business owners to not-for-profit organizations, teachers to health care workers, our youth to our seniors, as we create policy that shapes our community, we need the input of our whole community.

Responsible Growth

Burleson is a wonderful community, it provides a small-town feel with big-city amenities.  Burleson is a place people want to live therefore, growth is inevitable but we can influence that growth.  I want to help shape development in our community in a way that we can be proud of for decades to come.

Economic Development 

As a part of the economic development team, I had the opportunity to represent the community at trade shows and recruitment fairs.  I also worked to increase communications between existing business owners and their local government.  We have to continue to be pro-active, keeping an open dialogue with businesses and promoting the unique to Burleson opportunities to shop, dine and spend time.  


We have shown how much we as a community value higher education with the Burleson Opportunity Fund.  We must continue that investment in our community as well as strengthening the Burleson Works initiative to provide the most qualified workforce in the metroplex, recruit opportunities for quality jobs and diversify our tax base to further lessen our reliance on residential property taxes.

Public Safety & First Responders

I am a strong advocate of community partnerships and in Burleson we are fortunate to have wonderful examples of these, particularly with our police and fire departments.  The leadership within these departments, have always prioritized their relationships with the community and it is important for those serving our community to know they have our support.  

While our previous Councils have made public safety a top priority, it is important to continue making investments in human resources, technology, as well as in equipment, staying competitive and ensuring we are able to attract and retain outstanding officers.


With our ever increasing population growth, our fire department has equally been put to task.  As with all of our front line workers, we must continue making investments in our fire department with competitive salaries, quality equipment and advanced technology.

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